Value-Added Services in Digital

Growing a business is all about adding value to the customer experience and gaining their trust. Mobile makes it easier to discover customer needs and determine what features they find most important in a product or what things they are looking for. Companies like Nike and Procter & Gamble are doing an excellent job at providing value-added services to drive brand loyalty and recognition.

Digital marketing technologies such as mobile applications allow companies to create meaningful customer engagement and better meet customer needs anytime, anywhere. The Nike+ community is a perfect example of recognizing what customers need and providing them with solution such as tracking runs for avid runners. P&G’s created an app for its Charmin brand that shows the locations of public restrooms across the United States.

Providing services is one thing, but understanding customer behavior and interests is another. Aggregating comments and complaints into trends creates consistency in data which leads to better collaboration between departments. However, the easy availability of customer data can create unexpected issues for businesses, especially when it is unstructured. For businesses hoping to learn about what customers actually want, it is important that they listen carefully and hone in on what customers are truly saying.

Digital Hones Brands’ Value-Added Services

Photo by:  Seán Venn


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