Twitter Now Allows Targeted Tweets

Twitter has been actively pursuing new options for advertisers. As well as creating
new types of interest targeting Twitter has now announced another option.
Advertisers are now able to target users based on their locations. The locations can
range from country down to certain metro areas. This geo-targeting can also be
linked into other targeting options, so it is possible for an advertiser to target a user
that likes professional wrestling in a certain neighborhood of Tokyo.

Increasingly Twitter is coming online as a viable alternative to FaceBook for the
social media agency. This new step will make ads on Twitter more effective. The
ads will become more expensive as their effectiveness increases, but that value is
something each particular social media agency and its client will need to determine.
In time there will be reports about the effectiveness of these new Twitter ads relative
to other social networks, especially as numbers about FaceBook’s new exchange are
just starting to come out.

A note of caution about this announcement needs to be injected. Twitter has not yet
released a list of its major metropolitan areas, so it may not yet be a major boon to
some advertisers. An example of this issue is in California where the San Francisco
crowd is very different from the LA crowd. Twitter has also not yet announced if it is
relying on profiles for location data or if there is an active tracking of geo-locations
when people tweet. Will a person from Detroit visiting New York receive NYC or
Detroit ads? More details are sure to follow.

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