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YP Is A Surprise Leader in Mobile Advertising

5663152018_d6f3ca5060YP, formerly AT&T Interactive, released a press announcement that in 2012 it earned over $350milion in revenue from its mobile advertising exchange. The firm then proclaimed that was the second largest mobile advertiser in the industry. That is probably not true as Facebook should be the number two spot after Google. However the size of the revenue is shocking and it does point to YP as a potential serious contender.

This is good news for the digital public relations firm. Mobile advertising will be a future place for growth and having the options limited to Google and Facebook should give some firms pause. The two are often not in competition so the agency is not able to play one firm’s pricing structure off of the other. Another contender to play off of Google will help the digital public relations firms control prices. This is important to help encourage new clients take the leap into mobile advertising. It is also important to note that YP does use geotargeting methods, so it is on the cusp of the new methods.

YP: Our Mobile Ad Network Second Only To Google

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Users Seek Out Online Reviews

5584937714_c450eb6747One of the problems facing the digital agency is about the power of online reviews. It is great to receive good reviews, however, doubt about them is called into question when bad reviews start cropping up, especially reviews that are off base about the brand’s service. It may be tempting to discontinue any services that encourage online reviews. However, new data by eMarketer shows that would be a mistake.

65% of respondents somewhat trust online reviews. A brand that is missing online reviews is viewed suspiciously by many users. This is also true of brick and mortar businesses. 70% of respondents do online research and price comparisons before visiting a brick and mortar vendor. A plethora of positive review does make some people more likely to trust a brand, however that gain is minimal. Survey results show that negative reviews are better than no reviews and the brand should be consider them valuable to its marketing efforts.

Users Seek Out the Truth in Online Reviews

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Yelp Adds Menus and Collated Photos

Yelp announced on Friday that it is adding menus to its list of options when a user is looking at a specific restaurant. Now the user will be able to call up the menu and look at it as a tool to decide where to go. Some of Yelp’s competitors have already done this so Yelp is improving the service by collating uploaded pictures of food from Yelp users to the items on the menu. This feature is being implemented at the same time on the Yelp website and on Yelp’s mobile apps.

The social media agency needs to make sure its clients are utilizing all of these features. Not only do people want to see the menu options before they arrive, but allowing them to see uploaded pictures of the food creates a sense of security. Any restaurant can upload its own photogenic pictures, but seeing actual orders uploaded helps the customer better know what to expect. This change will probably affect how restaurants handle their menu creation (aiming for more photogenic foods) and the service levels. This change now helps move the social media agency into a quality control role, which is important because customers will do it without any advocate for the restaurant regardless.

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Yelp Purchases Qype

In Europe the competition between the two largest location based social networks looks like it does here in the US, however it is not Yelp and Foursquare but Yelp and Qype vying for top spot. Today, the Yelp CEO announced that the two will be merging under the Yelp banner. This will help solidify Yelp’s standing in Europe as the go-to social network.

The merger will have implications for the social media agency here in the US. If a European were travelling here in the US then it would have been unlikely any Foursquare interactions would have occurred. The social media agency would have lost out on those customers if they did not have a presence on Yelp. It was also possible the Euopean traveler was not on Yelp and the social media agency would have had a hard time finding her to begin with. Today’s news changes that. Yelp is now the global leader and a presence on the network is essential for the agency and its clients.

The longer-term effect will be a broadening on Yelp interactions. Qype did have an API for third party developers. That technology will now be available to Yelp for further development and implementation. This will help Yelp become a more full functioning service offering better data to the social media agency.

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Foursquare Moves to Local Search

Foursquare originally launched as a check in service which felt like a game. It focused on awarding people their badges and then helping people find friends to compete with them. Monday morning, however, sees a new service from Foursquare. When on a PC and not logged in Foursquare now displays a search box which is aimed to make Foursquare a local search engine and more competitive with Yelp.

Now non-members of the social network will have much more functionality. Foursquare is also taking check-ins and comments and compiling scores for the businesses on the site and offering those scores as a ranking system akin to Google’s Zagat styled score for restaurants. This change may also bring with it another advertising unit on the service, but as of now there are not plans for this.

The social media agency needs to make sure that its clients are represented on the service. Because of the new scoring system, comments and check-ins from customers need to be encouraged. These will increase a business’ score and make its placement more prominent when people use Foursquare’s local search function.

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Yelp ratings Drive restaurant Traffic

A new paper from the University of California has looked at Yelp, a leading geo-location social network, to try and quantify if the service helps businesses or not. The results are exactly what the social media agency has been touting, but this time there is a serious academic study to back the posturing. For each half star improvement the study finds a restaurant will see a 19% bump in nighttime traffic. Yelp ratings will improve both traffic flows and reservations.

Yelp sees around 78 million unique users per quarter and the service now hosts 30 million reviews. Given the significant effect of improved ratings there is cynicism about the authenticity of some of the reviews. But purchasing reviews is not necessary for the social media agency to improve ratings. Simply encouraging customers to leave reviews helps, as most people who take the time to fill out a review will do so only if they have a positive experience. This simple call to action is a way the brand can simply increase its ratings on the service. Yelp’s ability to tie into other social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter is also a place where the social media agency can offer invaluable services to restaurateur clients.


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Yelp and Twitter To Lead the Mobile Revolution

Yelp’s IPO surprised many people with how large the company was valued at. Twitter is still making gains with its monetization efforts and Apple’s App Store just reached 25 billion downloads. All of these companies are related and the smart social media agency will begin to ride this interconnectedness. The thing that makes Twitter and Yelp so attractive is that they are integrated with iOS. The factory social sign in on an iPhone and iPad is Twitter. When Siri needs local recommendations it goes to Yelp. This is a three way cooperative effort to supplant Google.

This development is not to say that the social media agency should abandon Google. There are, after all, more Android devices than iOS. The digital agency should, however, acknowledge that the segment of mobile users most likely to make purchases is more likely interacting with an Apple device and consequently some third-party apps that are not Google. Not only do Yelp and Twitter have a near lock on Apple users, but they are also widely popular for users of Android devices as well.

Yelp and Twitter do offer some advertising. As of now it is minimal, but there are plans for expanding these services to more advertisers and making them more responsive. What the social media agency needs to do though is be present on the services. It is free and the traffic that can be brought in with some creative approaches makes them worth it, even if there is not a surge of growth in their user bases coming.

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