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Yahoo hopes for new life in deal for Tumblr

Photo by e27singapore

Photo by e27singapore

This week marks a new era for Yahoo and popular blogging service Tumblr. In a $1.1 billion deal on Sunday, Yahoo acquired the site in hopes of planning to shift itself as the technology industry heads towards social media agencies. This deal would exceed the largest acquisition of a social networking company in years, even Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of Instagram in 2012. Yahoo says that it will keep Tumblr as a separate entity, as founder David Karp will be kept on board as CEO.

With this deal, Yahoo will have access to a younger user demographic, as Tumblr’s age bracket is strongest from 18-24. In addition, this age bracket is a fast-growing number of consumers who are in general very engaged with the Internet and social media. Yahoo expects to expand its audience by 50% to more than a billion monthly visitors, and to grow traffic by 20%, through its acquisition of Tumblr.

The biggest question about the deal is how Yahoo and Tumblr will be utilizing advertising and other monetizing services on the site. Although it seems likely that some type of advertising will be used on the site, both Yahoo and Tumblr confirm that advertising opportunities will be created seamlessly to enhance the user’s experience. All in all, Yahoo and Tumblr are a big deal and only time will tell if users will adapt to new changes to make it successful, or if bloggers will jump ship and deem the deal a failure.

As the tech industry moves towards social media motivated ventures, digital marketing agencies can use this towards their advantage. With greater resources from large corporations, many social media outlets that were once small startups can now be more efficient in consolidating searches and information, as well as fixing problems faster and widening the audience.

It’s Official: Yahoo is Buying Tumblr for $1.1B, Vows to Keep It Independent 

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Latest Data About Search Engine Marketshare

Internet analysis firm comScore has released the latest statistics about marketshare for the major search engines. This data does not measure mobile searches, just desktops. Google and Bing both grew, cannibalizing Yahoo’s percentage. From May to June Google jumped .1% to 66.8%, its all time high. Bing came in second at 15.6%, which was a .2% change from May. Bing’s number is also an all-time high. Yahoo is continuing its downward slide as it fell from May’s 13.4% to 13% in June.

The field is consolidating, which does not change much for the social media agency. A presence on Google and Bing has been important for months now. The agency, however, might begin thinking about jumping ship from the Yahoo ecosystem. Yahoo has been declining for 10 straight months, giving up over three percentage points.

That decline will probably be helped along by the latest reveal that Yahoo Voice users have had their usernames and passwords hacked and that data was then uploaded to the web. Not only are people turning to the other search engines, but the reason why Yahoo remains as high as it does is because they have other products. Trust in those other products is waning. Thinking about jumping ship seems to be the prudent move, although maybe Yahoo can stymie the flight by offering discounted advertising rates. This needs to be investigated by the social media agency before finalizing plans.

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