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Netflix Legislation Passes Through Senate

NetflixThe Netflix Legislation is a bill that amends the 1988 Video privacy protection Act, which made it illegal for a person’s video viewing habits to be shared. It was created after someone leaked the video rental history of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. The law had also been used to prevent sharing Netflix viewing records with Facebook. The law that recently passed through the Senate has already passed through the House of Representatives, so unless President Obama vetoes it, which is not expected, it will become law.

For the internet marketing agency this law will allow Facebook to accumulate more data about what people are viewing and how to best affect them. Knowing which movies and which genres a person prefers will help better target ads as well as create ads that are more effective. If, for example, someone has seen Die Hard five times, then an ad that references the movie will be more appealing to that person than to someone that has not seen the movie. While the Netflix data is not the comprehensive, every bit does help.

Senate Passes Netflix-Backed Revision Of Privacy Law, Paving Way For Facebook Sharing

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YouTube Dropping Some Original Content

Last year YouTube launched an ambitious project of financing original content. The goal of the project was to make YouTube more like established television. In a sense it worked, because now YouTube is cancelling many of those shows. The rumor is that only 40% of the shows that originally received funding will be renewed. The cancelled shows will not be removed from the network. YouTube hopes these shows can continue to produce content just from a new funding source.

The lesson in this for the digital marketing company is about how video is consumed. The reason these shows did not succeed is that people do not browse YouTube as they do television. Most people see their video content as an embedded video and not on the YouTube ecosystem. There is no option then to immediately see other channels. The lesson is that people need to be pointed to a video. People will not seek out more video information, and if they do it is often in a search engine and not on YouTube directly. When the company’s client has video content, then pointers need to be made to it.

Changing Channels: YouTube Will Pull the Plug on at Least 60 Percent of Its Programming Deals

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Brand Engagement on Google+ Increasing

A new study by Simply Measured says brand engagement on Google+ is increasing. From February to May the number of the top 100 companies with 5,000 or more fans grew from 21% to 35%. 22% of those brands have more than 100,000 followers which is an increase from February’s 13%.

Of the increased engagement, Google+ is much like FaceBook. Video posts continue to be the most likely posts from brands that generate +1s. Automotive brands are the most popular on the network. Electronics ranks second and followed by luxury goods.

There has been no shortage lately of reports that are bearish about brands on Google+. All of those reports, however, provide snapshots. Those snapshots only paint failed expectations of Google+ engagement. They fail to show trends. Simply Measured’s report, however, shows that engagement is increasing for brands, even if it is still paling to what was expected when Google+ launched.

The social media agency might still prefer to be bearish about Google+. The one reason why effort might be expended on Google+ is that the content is often redundant with efforts on other social networks. Until something new and radical happens, though, the social media agency would still probably not find efforts on Google+ to be lucrative.

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YouTube Now At 4 Billion Views Per Day

In May 2010 YouTube announced that it now sees 2 billion site views each day. In the almost two years since that staggering number was reached, YouTube now dispenses 4 billion views per day. That is almost one view per person on the planet each day, or each US resident watching 9 videos per day. Many of those views are accompanied by an advertisement.

This is staggering amount of inventory YouTube, owned by Google, can distribute each day. The enormity of it is huge, but also not terribly unsurprising. What is shocking is the growth. In less than two years YouTube has taken a large number and doubled it. More and more people are turning to YouTube. Internet Marketing Firms need to not only make advertisements for these people, but content needs to be created as well. A single thumbs-up on YouTube will translate into several views. Creative content on YouTube is a also great way to build exposure and can link into other brand channels for engagement.

The advent of frictionless sharing, especially from YouTube to Google+, will also make the presence of video content more lucrative. Just watching a video can translate into shares, which will also multiply the effect that a thumbs-up has on a video.


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