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Facebook Really Goes Global

Photo by ideagirlmedia via Creative Commons

Over 1 billion people use Facebook, but with over 7 billion people on Earth, Facebook is not reaching many people in the overall global market. Facebook is in the midst of tweaking a program called “Facebook for Every Phone” in order for people without smartphones to access the application. The program closely resembles that of the smartphone application, including the chat, news feed and photo options for the low-resolution screens on basic cell phones.

“Facebook for Every Phone” was first released in 2011 to work with 2,500 mobile phones throughout the world. The creation of this program means that people in developing countries that cannot afford an expensive smartphone can still connect with people around the world and stay up-to-date on global news and trends. Now, places like Indonesia and Turkey could access Facebook through their basic mobile phones.

Facebook is in the process of selling advertisements for this program, meaning that they have yet to gain a profit from “Facebook for Every Phone”. However, Facebook now has the opportunity to broaden their 1 billion user audience and expand their market; making Facebook even more popular globally, making this application a form of internet marketing itself.

Although Facebook is almost 10 years old they are still have the opportunity to expand their user base. “Facebook for Every Phone” has the opportunity to help more people gain the opportunity to connect with one another, and for lower costs than purchasing a smartphone with a data plan. Facebook has given people in developing countries the opportunity to experience a world outside of their own through the power of the internet. To learn more or download “Facebook for Every Phone” visit https://www.facebook.com/f4ep.




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Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires Facebook Account

Facebook’s Messenger was launched as a way to revolutionize digital communications. It allows users to do instant messaging as well as email communication from one platform. The boon to the social media agency if it takes off will be to increase Facebook’s social graph. The database is now limited to what users publicly share, but two-way communications would help reveal so much more about users and their private lives. However, the service has not yet taken off.

In an effort to kick-start Messenger Facebook is releasing an app that is a stand alone Messenger service for both Android and iOS devices. The app will not provide Facebook access to the user, so it is a smaller and much more functional communication client. Not only is the new app becoming available but it will also not require a user to have a Facebook account. What that really means is that the user will not need to be logged into her Facebook account. If that does happen, then some of the potential data gathering ability will be lost, but not much. Facebook will still have data about what the anonymous user likes, which is still useful data. It is also not at all likely that both users are operating without linking to their Facebook accounts.

This move might be enough to help unseat the SMS protocol, which has been dominant for nearly 20 years. If the unseating does happen, then the digital marketing agency will benefit because of the data Facebook is able to compile about what it is people like and are motivated by.

No Facebook Account Required: Facebook Messenger For Android Lets You Sign Up With Just A Phone Number

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