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Google Glass Will Have An API But Not Ads

1683ddddb27f219249be77f1dae80b38_cGoogle Glass is the project that will create a set of eyeglasses that display Google fed   information into the eyes of users. They will similar to apps that use a smartphone’s app to display information on top of a picture of the surroundings.

Today the head of the project announced that the eyewear will have an API, but will not come with advertising. That is good news for search engine optimization services because it makes the information seem more organic and more likely to be important to the viewer. A Facebook app plugging into the API would help the viewer see places recommended by friends, or placing receiving favorable marks from people checking in. It need not be limited to Facebook as Yelp and Foursquare could also benefit from these displays.

An example of the application could be a user walking down the street. Whenever a place comes into view that a viewer’s friend has checked into then the Google Glass will signal by displaying the review or the check in. The options are limitless and will help clue social media interactions into a more assertive mobile device and presence.


Google Glass Launch: Will Have An API, Won’t Have Ads


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Bing Testing New Social Sidebar Look

Bing’s social sidebar is probably the single best feature that distinguishes it from Google. That is important because of Google’s seemingly impenetrable hold on search engine market share. Bing is now testing a revamped social sidebar.

One of the main differences is cosmetic. The gray background is now white. The header now reads “social results” and the “post” button keeps the same Facebook terminology people are used to. This change is good because it makes the sidebar seem integrated into the search results. The previous version was easy to dismiss and not look at because it looked more like a large display ad. It is possible that several users did not look into the box to see what was happening for this reason. The new integration highlights that it is indeed a search result.

There is also a behind the scenes update to the sidebar. The search is now more discriminating in what is returned. Often the social results would return if just a word was shared with the search query. Now, however, Bing is doing more to measure the relevance of what is offered up from social networks. This will help make Bing better at pointing users to experts. It might be enough of a boost to help Bing make up some ground on Google in total marketshare. It will also help the Michigan marketing firm that works on making its clients thought leaders in an industry. That expertise will help put brands onto more search results.

Bing Testing Social Sidebar With New Look, More Answers

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Google Searchers Are Logged In More than Bing Users

The integration of social networks into search engines is a huge plus for the social media agency. It takes social networking engagements and places them into searches, increasing the effectiveness of those engagements for the driving of sales. A recent study by Conductor finds that search engine users are more likely to be logged into Google but not into FaceBook. This means the social search feature is often forfeited when people are using Bing.

The lesson of this study is easy to miss. Most readers might think this means they ought to forgo paying for search on Bing or optimizing their content for organic rankings in the Bing engine. If a choice between Bing or Google needs to be made, then that is a fine conclusion to be drawn. However, the truly important lesson of this study is about Google+. Most people use FaceBook and within the social networks FaceBook does produce more engagements and views than Google+ efforts. However, Google’s search engine is closed off from FaceBook’s huge data pile. This is why the social media agency should look heavily at Google+. Engagements on the smaller social network might not produce much traffic, but it does influence most people when searching whether they search on PCs or on mobile devices.

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Facebook Search Will Be As Good as Google

The speculation about a Facebook search engine is fairly settled that it will happen. The debate has moved on to what the search engine will look like. Pundits claim that FaceBook cannot produce a search engine that is better than Google’s, because the algorithm will always need tweaking and Facebook, if it has enough resolve, cannot hope to be better than Google’s system. The interesting argument, however, is that Facebook’s search does not need to outperform Google.

Facebook search can offer a different type of search than Google can provide. Google can provide a comprehensive list of auto mechanics in an area. But FaceBook can provide normative search results, good auto mechanics in an area. Facebook can compile data about services from among its hundreds of million users and then render those results in a way that helps users determine which businesses to visit.

This lack of normative searching is Google’s primary weakness. It may try to preempt the Facebook move by creating a good recommendation service, but Facebook’s open graph is already sitting on a wealth of data that Google cannot compile in a competitive amount of time. Facebook is just a huge database of people and their relationships to other people and brands. The digital marketing firm needs to represent these brands by encouraging more engagement so the Facebook Search engine will recommend clients over other brands.

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