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New Data About How Social Media Is Literally Seen

EyeTrackShop is a startup that uses webcams to measure the eye’s movements. They recently cooperated with Mashable to see how the eye follows pages on popular social networking sites. There were 30 participants in the study. While that may seem to be a small population size it might also be enough to be statistically significant. The results are not presented in enough detail to know for sure. The results, however, seem entirely plausible so it may yield sound findings.

The clear lesson is about the importance of the profile picture. Except for LinkedIn, the picture is the portion of the page that draws the first and most attention. On LinkedIn it is the job title that gains the most attention. The digital agency needs to make sure the profile picture of clients is clear, large and not too bogged down with unnecessary details.

The other really hot spot, especially on Facebook is the top piece of content. The farther down the page content is the less likely it is to draw attention. This top piece of content even draws more attention than another very important part of the profile: whom you know. The grouping of friends draws a substantial amount of time and energy from viewers. Digital marketing firms need to make sure this information is carefully gleaned. While picture and content is clearly something well curated, friends are often overlooked and yet they are very important to the eye’s behavior.

There is some more data produced by the study. These few bits are the most important and offer very important lessons for the digital agency.

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Chime.in Offers Twitter, Blogging and Reddit Social Networking

Chime.in is a new social networking site that offers all the usual bells and whistles. Users can share content as well as create small bits of content, up to 4,000 characters, for posting. Instead of status updates users create chimes, which is a tagline or even the first few sentences of content. Along with a chime comes a profile picture and a Reddit-like up or down voting system so the best chimes will surface to the top.

Users are given more control of their profile than the other social networks. The main difference is advertising. Users are able to control which advertisers show on their pages and they are even allowed to keep the advertising revenue from their pages. There is also an option to share control and the revenue with Uber Media. Uber Media already has deals with E! Online, Disney and Bravo.

Another area of differentiation from Facebook and Google+ is Chime.in’s mobile awareness. Apps for smartphones will allow full functionality and work just like the web site does.

Obviously this will be a hard sell given how many social networks there are and how tired the marketplace is. However, the new contender has to start somewhere and Chime.in has thought about differentiation, which is necessary to make an impact in this industry. The difference in advertising options is different enough that the digital agency ought to look into it.

A new study by Mr Youth shows teens, 14 to 17 years old, are particularly displeased by Facebook’s news ticker. 10% of teens say they are upset enough to leave Facebook, whereas many others site Facebook’s attempts to become more news-oriented as an irritation. A different site that fundamentally reworks the news ticker and news feed might be able to capitalize on this demographic trend. Whether or not Chime.in is this supplement is the question, but for now it should be on the radar of the digital marketing agency.


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Teenagers Dislike for Facebook is Growing

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