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What’s New in Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising allows advertisers to share their message and content with the 200+ million active users on Twitter at any given time. Twitter’s advertising revenue was $45 million when it began to offer the service in 2010 and has then since grown to earn $582.8 million in global ad revenue in 2013. By 2015, it is estimated to approach over $1 billion in total worldwide revenue.

More than ever, businesses are able to target ad campaigns to the users they want to reach with a variety of determining factors. The following improvements to the Twitter Advertising Dashboard make it easier than ever to set up an effective campaign with sponsored tweets or accounts.


1. Progress Bar

The new progress bar is visualization of how far along your campaign is, making it even easier to understand. This visual guide tracks your steps from start to finish, letting you know what’s left to be done and what is ready to go.

2. Save Drafts

This new feature allows you to take a break mid-campaign and come back and pick up where you left off. You no longer need to worry about rushing through a campaign and missing out on all the effective targeting tools Twitter ads offer. Advertisers can use keywords in the timeline, interests, location, gender, device and similarity of existing followers to target and attract new followers with their promoted tweets.

3. Maximize Results

It’s more important than ever for digital advertisers to connect and engage with the consumer and understanding how people use Twitter helps. Over 60% of Twitter users are on their mobile devices, so content needs to be catered to a shorter, on-the-go mentality. Advertisers should mix up pictures, videos, links and even new products in order to ensure relevance in the consumer’s mind. Keep things interesting, and more users will be inclined to interact with your promoted tweets.

3 Changes to the Twitter Ad Dashboard



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Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Now In Mobile Timelines

Twitter launched promoted tweets many months ago, but until now they did not make it into mobile device’s timelines. The promoted tweet will not only appear in the timeline regardless of a user’s follow status of the tweeter. The promoted tweet will also float as the user scrolls. Twitter experimented with floating technology last year with its Quick Bar. That endeavor was yanked almost a month later because users complained about it being too intrusive. This new attempt is seen as a compromise.

Twitter is expected to have a 84% bump in advertising revenues this year. Focusing on lacing ads into mobile timelines is an important step in this process. Having advertising and monetized tweets on the web site were a big help, but given how many people access their Twitter timelines when on the go means mobile needs to be a cornerstone of their approach. The social media marketing agency should find this news exciting. Not only is local search important, but being on people’s mobile devices is also a boon even if it is not in search. This is also a first step as Twitter can also begin location based tweets as well as delivering promoted Tweets along a semantic model.

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