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Curalate Helps Image Based Marketing

7178822192_a121b14194Curalate was one of the leaders of Pinterest based analytics. It has now released a series of tools for the brand that uses Instagram in its image-based marketing approach. It is now the only company that offers Pinterest analytics and Instagram analytics in the same dashboard.

This is good news for the smaller education marketing company. Finding an appropriate set of tools is difficult and having them work together across platforms is a special help for the smaller education marketing company that is continually trying to keep up with the larger firms that might have in house statistical teams. Having the ability to see Pinterest and Instagram analytics together will help measure image based campaigns. Sometimes there is a small difference in one social network that might have a different effect than in the other. Being able to compare the two next to each other will help the smaller firm notice these discrepancies and better refine its approaches.

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Curalate Adds Instagram Analytics, Expands Beyond Pinterest

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Visual Becoming More and More Important


As if the Pinterest craze and revamped Facebook appearance did not already emphasize the need for a strong visual component in social media campaigns, there is new data that should push the trend. 45% of US consumers say they will purchase a new television within the year. More and more those televisions are going to be smart and connected to the internet. This increasing use of a non-traditional device to connect to social media will drive how ads are handled.

The social media agency needs to dust off the graphic making software and skillset. Hiring may need to be done or refresher courses on the newest software. The visual component of social advertising will become more important and the quality of what consumers expect will also increase. It is not just the proliferation of smart TVs driving this trend. As gaming consoles become more capable, then they are also connecting TVs. Blue Ray disc players are also often combined with an internet capability.


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Pinterest Metrics Will Be Here in Time For Holidays

Pinterest is now the social network with the third largest active user base. It started 2012 amid enthusiasm and hysteria and while that seems to have leveled off, Pinterest is still actively used and seems to be a goldmine for the social media agency. A tracking service in May found that Pinterest linked back to 30% more domains than Twitter did. One problem for brands is that Pinterest does not provide API access to its data. Unlike the other social networks, though, developers have been able to develop tools despite this setback.

It is possible, likely even, that Pinterest will soon open itself up to data miners. Until they do, however, the social media agency can take solace that there are some new entrants into Pinterest measurements. Four of the most promising metrics are Viralheat, Pinerly, Pinfluencer and Curalate. They all have different methodologies and pricing structures, but the social media agency should look into these. Settling upon a Pinterest measurement strategy will be important as this holiday season will be its coming out party.

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Pinterest Comes to Mobile Devices

Pinterest is the hot new social network for people to be on (their invite only status was dropped on August 8) and for marketers to reach audiences on. Its emphasis on the visual makes it particularly effective for brands trying to advertise their wares. One problem that has plagued Pinterest has been its limited mobile availability. Until Tuesday it only had an app for the iPhone. What had been missing, however, was a way for Pinterest to reach people on Android and iPad devices. But that has now been resolved.

The new apps will help bring more traffic and especially help where Pinterest can be of significant help: when the user is shopping and looking for similar products. The social media agency needs to ramp up its efforts to represent clients on the network. With the increased mobile availability it may even be possible to run in-store promotions with Pinterest, where customers are encouraged to immediately post stores the products have been seen or to repin images of products being purchased. Being able to reach Android users will help the digital marketing company improve the effectiveness of its visual strategy for products.

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Pinterest Drops Invitation Only Enrolling

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and has seen other social networks trying to adopt a more visual oriented strategy. One of the concerns about the growth of the social network has been its requirement that new members are invited instead of just able to sign up the way Twitter and Facebook are. Pinterest announced that it is now dropping the invitation requirement and making an open enrollment possible.

This will not hurt Pinterest. Since Facebook stopped being an exclusive social network for Ivy League students and still succeeded the notion of needing t be exclusive has not been taken seriously. This change may not, however, help Pinterest much. There are already millions of members and there were few, if any, complaints about the invitation requirement stifling enthusiasm for the social network. It remains to be seen if this development will increase enrollment rates or not.

The social media agency should still continue to value Pinterest. Not only is Pinterest a good place for certain types of products, it is helpful helping the agency craft certain messages. The focus on the visual helps make campaigns more streamlined the same way Twitter helps craft writing in messages. There is a chance that this change will help propel Pinterest into the next level, which will yield significant results for the social media marketing agency.

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More Men Retweet

Twitter has more women users than male users, however, most of the retweeting is done by men. FaceBook is also dominated by women, with close to 60% of American social networking users being women. However, on Twitter the path to going viral is through the men. Among retweets men make up 63%.

This is important for the social media agency to know. One of the goals is to have tweets recirculated by users and that goal is easier to achieve if the message is geared towards men. If the product being pitched is for women, then FaceBook might be a better channel. Pinterest is definitely a better place for reaching women, but the visual requirement can serve as a limitation to some marketing efforts.

This data is provided by a new service, Twee-Q. It measures the retweet rate of a Twitter handle and then reveals if there is a gender bias among the retweeters. This can be a useful tool for the social media agency as it tries to perfect its style and messages. The tool will break down percentages, but also allow the user to see which tweets gain the most traction among certain genders. This tool will help better analyze the messages to see what is working and what is not.

As the digital agency field becomes ever more difficult and competitive it is slight tools like this which allow better measurements and even proof of proficiencies, which can make the difference between landing contracts or not.

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Social Networks Are Driving Online Sales

With the rise of Pinterest social media agencies are clamoring to create image based strategies for products. However, there has not been good data showing if these image based posts are actually driving conversions. A new study conducted throughout Mach by Bizrate Insights shows that the image-based posts are indeed driving sales.

Of North American online purchasers, 32% of them did make a purchase after seeing an image on a social network. Most of those did have success clicking through the image to a webpage that allowed the purchase of the item. A small percentage of those shoppers, however, did not have luck clicking through the page and had to conduct a separate search for the product. The image-based strategy is beginning to take hold in purchaser’s approach to online shopping.

BlogHer has some data collected in February that is Pinterest specific and interesting comparing the service to other social networks. 81% of active female users of Pinterest trust it to store their information and to offer advice. That trust quotient is higher than either Twitter or FaceBook possesses. 47% of female social network users say that their decision to make a purchase was directly influenced by something seen on Pinterest.

The social media agency needs to not only adopt image-based strategies for its products, but the agency needs to target Pinterest as a location for driving conversions. The trust factor for Pinterest may even out over time once it becomes as noteworthy as FaceBook and its privacy issues gain press coverage. It may instead stay ahead of the FaceBook curve as people become more and more accustomed to online purchasing. Regardless, it will continue to serve as a dominant place for online merchants to market themselves.

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Best Practices for Pinterest

Pinterest continues to grow and integrate with other social networks all making it an increasingly important tool for the social media agency and for brands. There is also some new data about the importance of Pinterest for retailers. Of Pinterest users 21% have made a purchase of an item they found on the social network. Another survey finds 37% of Pinterest users have found an item they want and plan on purchasing in the future.

Given Pinterest’s ability to drive sales it is important to know what the best practices are to help drive those sales. The easy acts are to place pins on products so people can easily pin them, pushing them onto the social network. It is also important that vendors completely fill out their profile. Pinterest allows searching and a complete profile helps that as well as helps people make a further purchase. Pins need to be optimized. They need to have complete descriptions and the images need to be high quality, but they also need to not be large files so they can be downloaded quickly. It is also important for the social media agency to make photos available on both Pinterest and FaceBook, because of the tight integration between the two networks image success on one site drives success on the other.

Not only can images spread a brand’s message across the social networks, but a well done campaign also increases the chances of discovery in SERPs.



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Image Strategy Is Needed

As mobile devices become more powerful, users are better able to take pictures and upload them. Users are also increasingly capable of viewing images on those mobile devices. Not only is the hardware becoming more image oriented, but the trend in software and internet services is to emphasize those images and allow sharing them. This trend was easy to spot before Pinterest even if most were unable to do so.

Chas Edwards has an opinion piece at Adage.com about the need for social media agencies and their clients to adopt an image strategy. Customers are increasingly exposed and reliant on images. There are some moments when the designed image is the closest thing to content about a brand that customers will see. Pinterest’s great advancement is the ability to pin a single image. That image then serves similarly to the +1 button or the like button.

Not only can an image serve as a logo for a brand but the image can operate contextually. Where the image links is able to change depending upon where the image is clicked. Videos can be served up or static pages, such as a homepage, can be offered. As Pinterest grows then other social networks will begin incorporating more sophisticated techniques and effects. Before this becomes a normalized practice, the social media agency needs to create and implement an image strategy.

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