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Facebook Looking to Woo Vevo

Vevo is a monster in music video streaming. Currently it has deals with both YouTube and Facebook. In December Vevo delivered 3.7 million video views, making Vevo the largest single internet video provider. On YouTube it is the single most popular channel. Facebook, however, is in talks to make its partnership with Vevo exclusive.

If Vevo were to become an exclusive Facebook provider, then it would be huge news for the social media agency. Not only would YouTube be without its largest provider, but it would lose it to the one service it does not want to lose it to and arguably cannot afford to lose it to. Facebook would, in turn, become the place to go for music video services. As more and more people cut the cords and move to online sources of music, Facebook’s importance as the internet portal would continue to climb.

Advertisements on YouTube would lose out. Not only would there not be as many page views, but those views would become less sticky as music videos tend to better keep people watching until the end of the video. Facebook advertisements would gain in page views and in the stickiness of the ads. This is an important development to keep track an eye on.

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Facebook’s Music Service Is Slow to Take Off

Facebook has had integration with music services for some months now and yet the adoption of those services has been slow. There are a slew of early adopters, but there are still many people that do not know about Facebook’s integration of lifestyle apps into its open graph.

The Open Graph is the Facebook innovation where music, movies, locations and all other sorts of lifestyle features are linked into the newsfeed and then aggregated into a large data pool. The magic of data about music preferences rests on music’s  multitasking ability. Facebook can possibly see what people listen to when performing certain tasks or in certain moods. Once that data becomes statistically significant then Facebook will become an invaluable resource for the digital marketing agency trying to create affect among ad viewers.

There is anther area of interest for digital advertisers. The music services almost all offer advertisements and integration with Facebook should drive more people to those services onto the cloud where advertising can reach them. These services will grow because there are two trends at work: one is the growth of cloud computing and music streaming services and second is the growth of awareness of these services. Advertising with these services will become more lucrative. Integration with Facebook will also make them more lucrative as well as increase the stickiness of Facebook pages.



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