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Curalate Helps Image Based Marketing

7178822192_a121b14194Curalate was one of the leaders of Pinterest based analytics. It has now released a series of tools for the brand that uses Instagram in its image-based marketing approach. It is now the only company that offers Pinterest analytics and Instagram analytics in the same dashboard.

This is good news for the smaller education marketing company. Finding an appropriate set of tools is difficult and having them work together across platforms is a special help for the smaller education marketing company that is continually trying to keep up with the larger firms that might have in house statistical teams. Having the ability to see Pinterest and Instagram analytics together will help measure image based campaigns. Sometimes there is a small difference in one social network that might have a different effect than in the other. Being able to compare the two next to each other will help the smaller firm notice these discrepancies and better refine its approaches.

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Curalate Adds Instagram Analytics, Expands Beyond Pinterest

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Facebook Voting Has Closed

Facebook allowed users to vote on the history of certain policies governing the social network. Over half a million
people voted and 88% were opposed to the options. Because fewer than 30% of users voted Facebook will not be bound to results of the vote. On that note, Facebook has decided to eliminate voting and to use Facebook data to target Instagram advertising.

For the education marketing company this is good news. Instagram is already serving many users with many millions of views each month. It does not yet have advertising, but it will soon happen and now Facebook data will be used to make those ads more effective. The issue at hand was not just about Instagram, but rather about all Facebook affiliates. Future acquisitions will now be allowed to have Facebook data for advertisements. This is good news all around for brands because of the rising effectiveness of Facebook mobile ads. A tight integration of a campaign with Instagram will doubly benefit from this development.

Facebook Will Nix Voting, Integrate Instagram Data Despite Vote Ending With 88% of 668K Votes Opposed

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FaceBook Looking to Be A Mobile Presence

FaceBook’s purchase of Instagram is being interpreted as a first salvo in FaceBook’s attempt to become relevant to mobile devices. It currently has 400 million people that access the network through mobile devices, and yet FaceBook is not a necessary part of mobile usage. The lack of money from mobile apps is also a huge concern for FaceBook, who must now answer to shareholders.

Some of the speculation is about a FaceBook OS for a smartphone. That would be the most comprehensive way for FaceBook to attack Google and Apple’s dominance. Instagram does not do that, per se, but it does provide an important foothold into mobile devices. The Instagram purchase is also about bringing aboard the talent into the FaceBook design team. Clearly that talent pool was onto something that FaceBook engineers have not been. FaceBook’s app does have integration into many mobile apps, so in a sense it is already the functioning platform outside of the OS. Expansion of that de facto status should not be too difficult.

The social media agency should begin preparing for a world where FaceBook’s mobile platform is not only monetized but also ubiquitous. Someday, possibly soon, digital brands on FaceBook may also find themselves well represented on mobile devices, which will force a difference in orientation towards the customers. Some of the differences in the new approach are a focus on broadband issues as well as multiple device viewing. Those will come at the cost of comprehensive information and entertainment qualities of a digital campaign.

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FaceBook Purchases Instagram

On Monday FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the purchase of Instagram. Instagram is the most popular mobile photo sharing site. Part of what makes Instagram special is not only its database of photos but also its ability to match photos to interests. As FaceBook looks to expand its interest lists as well as become more visual, then this acquisition makes a lot of sense.

Instagram allows the posting of photos to other social networks and FaceBook plans to keep that functionality. On pure functionality alone the Instagram purchase will bring more traffic to the FaceBook network. The big gain, however, will come from FaceBook’s increased emphasize on images. Pinterest has taken the social media agency by storm and this purchase will allow FaceBook to better create image strategies for agencies and the brands they represent.

Strategists have long been calling on brands to develop image strategies. Content is great, but to get visitors to a website images capable of being shared out are necessary. This purchase will help cement FaceBook in that process as a portal from customers to a brand’s website where conversions can be made.

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