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Groupon Bankruptcy Is Predicted to Land Soon

To financial experts Groupon is on a downward slide into bankruptcy. The stock price is continuously sliding and its ability to last much longer is questionable. The slide is caused because of small margins and the inability of Groupon to hold off behemoths in online selling is suspect. Amazon and Google and Yahoo all launched competing services and each of them seemed to offer exactly what Groupon offered.

Financial services are not wiling to grant any business credit for merely being first. Neither should the  social media marketing agency. Even though Groupon has some brand name recognition, this might not be enough to keep it relevant as a publisher for deals for small businesses. The social media marketing agency that looked to Groupon and similar offerings as a way to spread messages about its clients should begin to reevaluate that strategy.

As part of its effort to stay afloat, maybe special rates can be reached with Groupon. The prudent social media marketing agency, however, will look to other channels and mediums for spreading information and deals about tis clients.  Taking discounts on Facebook or Twitter might be a better solution, or at least a more long-term solution.

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Groupon Steps Into Amazon’s Space

In Germany Groupon has launched a new service called Groupon Deals. It looks like a storefront where Groupon offers goods at a discount, but these are not for a limited time. Instead Groupon Deals is a storefront offering a wide range of products. For now Groupon Deals is only functional in Germany, but given the concerns preceding the IPO about future growth it would not be surprising to see the storefront land in the US. Groupon already has relationships with vendors and product manufacturers, so it makes sense this a place it will go.

The social media marketing agency can see this as another outlet for its clients to sell its wares. Groupon will probably also some launch some cross-promotional promotions when it finally does land over here. Those promotions will provide another opportunity for digital marketers to sell their wares.

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