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AdWords for Mobile Has New Features

The social media agency that uses Google AdWords to market on mobile devices has some new features available to it. The first new tool is an app extension. If a user conducts a search for a business and that business has an app, then Google will point the user to both the app and the mobile web page for the searched for business. The app pointing will go to either Google Play or the Apple Store, depending on the type of smartphone used. This function is not yet enabled for tablets.

If the app is for an Android phone, then advertisers will be able to track app downloads from within their AdWords account. This will help the social media agency that uses apps to manage a brand’s content. Normally the app just counts downloads, but seeing how the ad for an app is working is important to measure ROI.

For tablet users the latest update is not completely irrelevant. AdWords now allows app developers to allow custom searches from within apps. Google will even share some of the revenue from those searches with the app developers. This will help provide another method of monetization for app developers, while also making sure users of the app use Google and not a different search engine.

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