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Yellow Pages A Better Value Than AdWords

A new study shows that using the metric Cost Per Call favors YP.com over Google’s AdWords as a platform for businesses to advertise. The average Cost Per Call on YP was $46 whereas AdWords will cost advertisers $88 for the same call. The ranges of the costs are also a valuable measure and again YP still wins the contest. The range of Cost per Call on YP was from $8 to $162. The range for AdWords was much larger from $17 to $257.

The study was conducted by giving $1000 to 62 businesses in 18 cities representing 20 different industries. Calls were then tracked. Because the ranges of Cost per Call overlap, the important finding was that 77% of participating businesses achieved better performance from YP than from AdWords.

Many social media marketing agencies will be able to dismiss this result because the measure of success is a phone call. Other valuable metrics are not measured and may not favor YP. Even if the study is plagued by this problem, it is still important for the social media agency to note that the sheer volume of advertisers on AdWords does drive up the price and that some alternative publishers do have prices geared towards more stability and value.

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