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The Return of Google Catalogs


Google Shopping has been touched up and part of the revamp is to reintroduce Google Catalogs to users. Along with the reintroduction, there is now an iOS and an Android based version of the app, so (most) all mobile devices can now access the service. The catalogs can also be updated to include videos and image galleries as well as links outside the service. Using all of these new and available services is important for brands because it will help its catalog stand out as well potentially earn a more prominent placement in the featured Catalogs section.

While not necessarily an advantage for the digital marketing agency, the ability to include web links will help the social networking function of the catalogs. There is also sure to be further Google+ integration with the new service. One of the new services is also to make a difference between a brand’s feed and also a brand’s catalog. One pundit has gone so far to say the feed is for SEO purposes and will help when within searching the service as well as outside the service. The catalog, then, is made for users who are browsing and looking at search returns. Keeping this distinction in mind will help the social media agency access the new features.

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How to Prepare Your Google Shopping Feed Shopping Feed for Google Catalogs

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Facebook Offers Small Businesses New Advertising Venture

facebook-like-buttonMost brands on Facebook have less than 10,000 likes and that is the segment Facebook is targeting with its new service. The new service is designed to help small businesses create and easily put up an ad designed to gain more likes for the brand’s page.

The new ad will be featured in the right rail as well as on mobile newsfeeds. One of the newer features is a suggestion of the number of likes the ad will bring in. Facebook’s dataset is fairly large so it can suggest a success range with confidence and then alter that estimate based upon the budget suggested and the locations of users who will see the new ad. For now the new program is only available in certain cities, but the plan is to quickly make it available globally.

For the education marketing company this could be seen as a bad move. With now easy to create ads, the immediate need for the social media agency might be seem to go away from the small business’ perspective. However, as the brand sees the effectiveness of Facebook advertising it is more likely to turn to experts for refinement and continued advancement. In the long run this may be a shot in the arm for the agency.

Facebook Makes Getting More Page Likes Easier For SMBs

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Google+ Growth Rivals Facebook Growth

On September 17 Google+ announced its user base at 100 million users. On Thursday it announced its user base at 135 million active members. Part of that growth is driven by the acquisition of Snapfeed. Regardless of the reason that is almost a growth rate of 14 million new users each month. The only other service that has had such expansion was Facebook back in 2008 to 2009.

This is important for the education marketing company because it means an alternative to Facebook might be developing. If it does rival Facebook, then it will not be for some time but it is moving along. Google+ does offer some features that Facebook does not, its circle programs being the most notable. Facebook did implement its clone of circles, but it was late to the game and few people use the feature of varying broadcast types.

As Google+ grows so too will the effectiveness of brand presences on the social network. There are also people who use it exclusively as a way to sidestep Facebook’s dominance. By using both social networks the education marketing company can more broadly reach the US public.

Google+ More Closely Mirroring Facebook

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Facebook Tests new Mobile Sponsored Stories Layout

In their Facebook mobile news feeds some users will be seeing a new type of ad format. Actually, the ad format remains the same and instead the layout is different. Most mobile users see a box containing suggestions for three brands they might like because some of their friends like those brands. A small number of users will now see a very large photo for a single brand and then a statement that some of their friends like the brand. The new ad layout is much more visual and reduces the number of brands form three down to one.

While the testing is still out, this is probably a good development for the education marketing company. Discussing this new ad layout, Facebook has acknowledged that mobile news feeds are interacted with differently than the right sidebar on the desktop version. Users want a more visual layout. There might be some concern about the drop in the number of brands, which will minimize exposure but that drop is going to be outperformed by the visual nature of the new layout. The drop in the number of suggested brands also makes the ad seem less intrusive into the news feed, as though it were one ad instead of three.

Facebook Gives New Mobile Page Ads More Color And Context To Make Every Pixel Count 


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