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How To Gain More Retweets

Over at QuickSprout, Neil Patel has performed extensive research about the elements of retweets. He has compiled a nice infographic that helps explain some of these common elements and what the best practices are for earning retweets. This is helpful for the digital marketing company to study so it can make sure clients’ tweets are gaining as much traction as possible.

One of the first rules is to tweet links. Most retweets contain links. This is fortunate for the digital marketing company, because spreading links is precisely the task at hand. Another fortunate outcome for the agency is that asking for a retweet significantly raises the chances that a retweet will happen.

Another easy lesson, but not as inline with the goal of the brand on Twitter is to not speak about yourself. Talking about others or about other things is more likely to earn a retweet. Speaking of the content of the message, the tweet should be new. Retweets are less likely to be retweeted and the more original the content, then the more likely it is to be retweeted. The final best practice is a difficult one: tweet about Twitter. People love to be meta-oriented. This is harder for the brand to do, but a creative application can pay off dividends.

The Art Of Getting More Retweets

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Facebook Testing Subscribe Button for Pages

A long time ago FaceBook switched from “Be a Fan of” to “Like” and that has caused some confusion among users. Many uses might like to follow updates from certain pages without having to tell others that she likes the brand. The simple solution would be a subscribe button similar to what is available on pages of public figures. That function, however, has not been made available.

The other day a ‘subscribe’ button was spotted and FaceBook has confirmed that it is now testing the button for pages. If this change is implemented, then it will require the social media agency to refine its numbers and ads. Currently some ads are only available to users that have liked certain pages. Would ads then be resolved to subscribers as well? This is something FaceBook will need to test for and announce and will require some diligence by the social media agency to figure out how to best refine ads.

This move could also be good news for brands and its agencies. As content creation becomes more and more important, implementation of a ‘subscribe’ button will help spread the content. There may be many users willing to see content and updates but not willing to like a page. This easing will help recruit more users into content dissemination. Overall, that will help marketing efforts on FaceBook reach more people.

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Rise of Mommy Bloggers

Mommy blogging seems like a niche market and hence probably does not make the radars of many brands or marketers. However, that might be a mistake. The niche market is fairly tightly integrated and many of the participants of this group have time on their hands, they are social media savvy, they have money and they are willing to spend it.

This group also reaches out and is consulted by many who may not belong to the group. Of all American women with at least one child living in her household 14% of them reach out to a mommy blog for advice about activities, products purchases and general life tips.

This is a powerful and large group that a social media agency could tap into as advocates. For some brands and some products this might be difficult, but creativity can bridge many of these gaps. An example might be spreading the word of how a video game their husband or son might enjoy spreads positive messages or might keep them out of their hair. It is also true that while many of these blogs that are most active are mainly about mother issues, they do cover other issues. Brands need not be immediately relevant to mother issues. Once some penetration has been achieved, then the network alone might support campaigns and a fair amount of conversions with no additional labor needed.

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Many Missed Opportunities Marketing on Facebook

A new report by Buddy media finds that 55% of brands using paid marketing on Facebook are not using supported ads. Most of the money is spent on call to action ads, but those are the least effective option. The report finds that many brands spend most of their budgets on increasing the size of their fan base and not on creating engagement among those fans. While the ads that focus on building the size of the community can be powerful, it would be better to make fans brand advocates by having them engage in ways that enter their timelines and bring in their friends.

The failure for adequate Facebook ads lies in the failure of brands and their agencies to embrace social marketing tools. The social media agency can easily create a thousand different ad units, but the temptation is to think they are all manageable without sophisticated tracking mechanisms. This myopia is what also leads agencies to target audience building, but it all comes at the cost of the most effective Facebook strategies. Instead the social media agency needs to focus on Facebook’s new ad units, which are focused on building engagement. The new metrics will also help this strategy.

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