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Bing Ads Coming to Facebook

5182163418_da1d8a30b4Facebook’s announcement of Graph Search was a large move for the industry. As Zuckerberg was announcing the new feature, Bing’s VP of Search, was also crafting a statement. He disclosed that Graph Search was collaboration between Facebook and Bing. We do know there is a partnership between the two handling the searches. If Facebook is unable to handle the request or if the query is for a web page, then Bing is the one handling the search results.

An interesting screenshot of the testing process was presented and in the upper left corner of the search is a search ad. The ad is labeled sponsored. Some pundits have been examining this screenshot and the supposed sponsored result for Bing’s involvement. The speculation is that Bing ads may soon find their way onto Facebook searches and possibly even into Facebook itself. If this does happen, then it is good news for the digital marketing agency. Bing can offer a good alternative to Google’s AdWords except it does not have the needed distribution. Some space on Facebook web pages would help resolve that dilemma and offer more advertising solutions for the digital marketing agency.

Are Bing Ads Coming to Facebook?

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Bing Testing New Social Sidebar Look

Bing’s social sidebar is probably the single best feature that distinguishes it from Google. That is important because of Google’s seemingly impenetrable hold on search engine market share. Bing is now testing a revamped social sidebar.

One of the main differences is cosmetic. The gray background is now white. The header now reads “social results” and the “post” button keeps the same Facebook terminology people are used to. This change is good because it makes the sidebar seem integrated into the search results. The previous version was easy to dismiss and not look at because it looked more like a large display ad. It is possible that several users did not look into the box to see what was happening for this reason. The new integration highlights that it is indeed a search result.

There is also a behind the scenes update to the sidebar. The search is now more discriminating in what is returned. Often the social results would return if just a word was shared with the search query. Now, however, Bing is doing more to measure the relevance of what is offered up from social networks. This will help make Bing better at pointing users to experts. It might be enough of a boost to help Bing make up some ground on Google in total marketshare. It will also help the Michigan marketing firm that works on making its clients thought leaders in an industry. That expertise will help put brands onto more search results.

Bing Testing Social Sidebar With New Look, More Answers

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Google Searchers Are Logged In More than Bing Users

The integration of social networks into search engines is a huge plus for the social media agency. It takes social networking engagements and places them into searches, increasing the effectiveness of those engagements for the driving of sales. A recent study by Conductor finds that search engine users are more likely to be logged into Google but not into FaceBook. This means the social search feature is often forfeited when people are using Bing.

The lesson of this study is easy to miss. Most readers might think this means they ought to forgo paying for search on Bing or optimizing their content for organic rankings in the Bing engine. If a choice between Bing or Google needs to be made, then that is a fine conclusion to be drawn. However, the truly important lesson of this study is about Google+. Most people use FaceBook and within the social networks FaceBook does produce more engagements and views than Google+ efforts. However, Google’s search engine is closed off from FaceBook’s huge data pile. This is why the social media agency should look heavily at Google+. Engagements on the smaller social network might not produce much traffic, but it does influence most people when searching whether they search on PCs or on mobile devices.

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Latest Data About Search Engine Marketshare

Internet analysis firm comScore has released the latest statistics about marketshare for the major search engines. This data does not measure mobile searches, just desktops. Google and Bing both grew, cannibalizing Yahoo’s percentage. From May to June Google jumped .1% to 66.8%, its all time high. Bing came in second at 15.6%, which was a .2% change from May. Bing’s number is also an all-time high. Yahoo is continuing its downward slide as it fell from May’s 13.4% to 13% in June.

The field is consolidating, which does not change much for the social media agency. A presence on Google and Bing has been important for months now. The agency, however, might begin thinking about jumping ship from the Yahoo ecosystem. Yahoo has been declining for 10 straight months, giving up over three percentage points.

That decline will probably be helped along by the latest reveal that Yahoo Voice users have had their usernames and passwords hacked and that data was then uploaded to the web. Not only are people turning to the other search engines, but the reason why Yahoo remains as high as it does is because they have other products. Trust in those other products is waning. Thinking about jumping ship seems to be the prudent move, although maybe Yahoo can stymie the flight by offering discounted advertising rates. This needs to be investigated by the social media agency before finalizing plans.

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