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Apple and Foursquare Talking About Sharing Data

foursquare-rolls-out-first-ads-e2ad2a5185In an effort to improve its local search offerings Apple has approached Foursquare about sharing its data. The talks are still very preliminary. Apple has been approaching several companies that offer data about local businesses and how users are at checking in and providing crowdsourced data.

If Apple is able to improve its database about local businesses, then this will helps its mapping app. The Maps app was released and widely hailed as a blunder because of missing businesses and inaccuracies in the map itself.

For the education marketing company this might actually help improve Foursquare as a social space. A study in Q1 this year found Foursquare to have the weakest data offerings for users. The money Apple would need to give Foursquare for access to the data would help the service regain a foot hold in its losing slugfest with Yelp. An improved service would help those agencies integrate Foursquare with other social networks as well as improve the advertising on the service.

Report: Apple Talking To Foursquare About “Data Sharing”


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Mobile Sales This Holiday Will Jump

A survey of customer intent for this coming holiday season shows that the numbers of people expecting to make purchases on their mobile devices will nearly double over last year’s number. The 2011 holiday season saw 11% of customers use mobile devices at least once. This year that number will move to 21%. However, that number is slightly misleading. That number measures customers making at least a single purchase on a mobile device. The percentage moves up to nearly half of all customers when what qualifies as use is broadened. This year many will use mobile phones to comparison shop. The devices will be used to look for deals nearby as well as to match up offers in stores to online vendors.

The social media agency needs to make sure its clients are also operating on the broader definition of what is a mobile sale. It used to be sufficient to have a mobile optimized web site that then allowed the viewer to make purchases. These days, the web site needs to be mobile optimized and it needs to have information. Education just like a showroom floor is now the order of the day for merchant’s websites. The content that powers these web sites is also the very type of content that becomes sharable across the social networks, so the good web site also provides a marketing component besides simply facilitating sales.

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AdWords for Mobile Has New Features

The social media agency that uses Google AdWords to market on mobile devices has some new features available to it. The first new tool is an app extension. If a user conducts a search for a business and that business has an app, then Google will point the user to both the app and the mobile web page for the searched for business. The app pointing will go to either Google Play or the Apple Store, depending on the type of smartphone used. This function is not yet enabled for tablets.

If the app is for an Android phone, then advertisers will be able to track app downloads from within their AdWords account. This will help the social media agency that uses apps to manage a brand’s content. Normally the app just counts downloads, but seeing how the ad for an app is working is important to measure ROI.

For tablet users the latest update is not completely irrelevant. AdWords now allows app developers to allow custom searches from within apps. Google will even share some of the revenue from those searches with the app developers. This will help provide another method of monetization for app developers, while also making sure users of the app use Google and not a different search engine.

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Freemium Games To Take a Hit

While it is no secret that gaming apps for mobile devices are popular, the business models used by them vary and recently one of the most popular models has taken a hit. One of the more popular business models is a freemium game, where the basic game is free but then there are purchase options available. The most popular Zynga games, Farmville and Cityville, are examples of this business model. Freemium games also draw in money by using ad servers to render small ads in a non-obtrusive manner. This is why the social media agency needs to take note of the recent court happenings concerning freemium games.

A San Jose court recently denied a motion to dismiss a class action suit against Apple. Children are playing some of these games and then making purchases in the Apple Store which later sends parents the bill. What is at issue is how the Apple Store functions for its purchases. Instead of changing the Apple Store’s mechanics Apple is instead taking the fight to the courts and is, so far, losing.

If the courts hamstring the business model, then it could go either way for the
social media agency. Apps will rely more and more on advertising or move to a user purchase model. The overall change, however, might be a drop in the number of games being developed because of the apparent superiority of the freemium model. The industry might keep up with a slackening of new projects in development, but there will be less diversity for digital advertisers to work with.

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