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Mobile ROI Calculator from Google

Google-SearchThese days, everything goes mobile – people, businesses and even Google. The year 2013 has been called already the year of mobile majority. The number of mobile devices is increasing and so does mobile advertising. Being world’s leader in mobile advertising, Google is a long-term thinker and is currently focusing on creating a full portfolio of metrics that would measure mobile advertising success. The new Google’s service called the Full Value of Mobile is developed to help businesses to analyze their mobile marketing effectiveness, both online and offline. As we know, Google has been playing with its AdWords program earlier this year. It was simplified in order to increase mobile advertising. However, companies had troubles to see a complete picture of how their mobile efforts influence their business.  That’s is why a need for the Full Value of Mobile service emerged.

For a local company, let’s say Michigan marketing agency, the launch of a new Google service predicts a brighter future. The Full Value of Mobile platform would give the opportunity to use features that Google has created outside of the AdWords service. Companies with limited financial resources for larger campaigns might benefit from Google’s mobile calculator and get a better sense of their mobile marketing effectiveness.

Google Launches “Full Value of Mobile” Calculator To Help Businesses Measure Online And Offline Impact of Mobile Marketing.


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Curalate Helps Image Based Marketing

7178822192_a121b14194Curalate was one of the leaders of Pinterest based analytics. It has now released a series of tools for the brand that uses Instagram in its image-based marketing approach. It is now the only company that offers Pinterest analytics and Instagram analytics in the same dashboard.

This is good news for the smaller education marketing company. Finding an appropriate set of tools is difficult and having them work together across platforms is a special help for the smaller education marketing company that is continually trying to keep up with the larger firms that might have in house statistical teams. Having the ability to see Pinterest and Instagram analytics together will help measure image based campaigns. Sometimes there is a small difference in one social network that might have a different effect than in the other. Being able to compare the two next to each other will help the smaller firm notice these discrepancies and better refine its approaches.

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Curalate Adds Instagram Analytics, Expands Beyond Pinterest

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Bit.ly Releases API

4614306718_da0d350f06Bit.ly has been making moves lately to become the premier link shortener for the internet. The service has also changed its layout to become more social. Now users can friend other users to see what links they are shortening and where they are being posted. The new design has already logged millions of users and looks to become more important in the future. Now there is an API, which allows quick access to the data about which links are being shortened, and the sorts of traffic those shortened links are generating.

The social media agency can use this API to better keep track of what is going viral and possibly use it as a way to spot a trend early in the making. One of the benefits of the API is the realtime tracking. Not only is data delivered nearly instantaneously but it is in a format that can be quickly parsed for immediate results. The new API also delivers “burst spikes” which are those sudden interests that were not expected. This is the best new feature for the michigan social media marketing firm. Now there is a way to see what is happening without having to know keywords prior to finding the data. This allows better discovery for the brand that is concerned with timeliness issues.

Bit.ly Releases Search API To Discover Hot Stories & Discussions



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Netflix Legislation Passes Through Senate

NetflixThe Netflix Legislation is a bill that amends the 1988 Video privacy protection Act, which made it illegal for a person’s video viewing habits to be shared. It was created after someone leaked the video rental history of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. The law had also been used to prevent sharing Netflix viewing records with Facebook. The law that recently passed through the Senate has already passed through the House of Representatives, so unless President Obama vetoes it, which is not expected, it will become law.

For the internet marketing agency this law will allow Facebook to accumulate more data about what people are viewing and how to best affect them. Knowing which movies and which genres a person prefers will help better target ads as well as create ads that are more effective. If, for example, someone has seen Die Hard five times, then an ad that references the movie will be more appealing to that person than to someone that has not seen the movie. While the Netflix data is not the comprehensive, every bit does help.

Senate Passes Netflix-Backed Revision Of Privacy Law, Paving Way For Facebook Sharing

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Wisemetrics Offers New Facebook Analytics

Over the Thanksgiving weekend Wisemetrics rolled out its new analytics package for Facebook Pages administrators. The package is updated to reflect the latest Edgerank update Facebook recently conducted. Edgerank has been criticized for limiting page reach, so an analytics package that can help optimize a brand’s reach is helpful to the social media agency.

The package also has some other helpful options. The dashboard is easy to navigate as well as supports export into other formats. The dashboard also provides a commenting ability, so notes can be appended to help explain the data at a later time. Wisemetrics’ package also offers suggestions for optimizing reach. It will be helpful for education companies to optimize their reach as well as traditional companies. One of the reasons Wisemetrics’ analytics is so powerful is because it allows the education marketing company to measure its efforts next to competitors’ efforts. This is a great tool to see where some small gains can be squeezed out. There is a two-week trial period offered for the package and the cost of $49.95 makes it affordable for even the smallest of firms.

Wisemetrics Officially Rolls Out Facebook Analytics Solution

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Twitter To Bring New Analytics Soon

Erica Anderson, Twitter’s manager of news and journalism, announced Twitter will be unveiling some new analytic tools in the next few months. She describes the tools as better helping Twitter users measure the reach of their messages. The main focus of these yet-unannounced tools might be about the predictive ability of Twitter. Lately people have been looking to twitter as a prediction tool for the GOP Nomination race. Andersons says this aspect of Twitter is still not receiving enough coverage and usage. It stands to reason that some of the new analytics might be an attempt to make Twitter more useful for predictions.

Otherwise the new analytics sound like services already offered by HootSuite and SocialFlow. Even though some of the tools may be repetitive, the social media agency should still take note. Twitter’s service may be able to provide a better accuracy than the third party services. Being able to tap into Twitter as a predictive tool might also be very helpful for the digital agency. It will take some time, however, to figure out what types of predictions are more reliable using Twitter. Regardless, a new set of tools, even if repetitive, will push others to make better analytics. It is these better analytics that may bridge the problem brands have with twitter, which is about building deep engagements and relationships.

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