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Facebook Varying Ad Image Sizes

123646856_89367fecabFacebook is testing a new feature of its ads where the image size will vary. The key is social context, where a user has liked a brand or a friend of the user has liked a brand. Ads that have social context will be unaffected by the new procedure. Ads that lack social context will now have images display smaller than the ads with social context.

For the digital pr firm this is good. Now ads that have a social connection will receive a benefit to those without it. There will now be more emphasis on collecting Facebook fans and the digital pr firm will be the key to those efforts. Paid advertising will remain key but now there will be added emphasis on social efforts and increasing the fan base for a brand.

Facebook Testing Scaled-Back News Ads

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Twitter Releases Advertising API

As expected, Twitter announced on Tuesday that it is releasing an advertising API for its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Several large firms (Adobe, Threadless and Levi Strauss & Co., for example) have been experimenting with the API already. An API allows advertisers to buy ads more quickly. The API also allows advertisers to link data of their ads being bought in real time with other data collection schemes. An example is an API that is able to measure TV viewing habits (as people tweet about certain shows) and then link real time ads with events in those shows.

The benefit for the digital marketing agency is a more responsive advertising platform. Linking advertising with other data collection services means ads will be better targeted and they will be more responsive to immediate changes happening that are the subjects of tweets. A more robust advertising service will also help propel it to be a legitimate contender with Facebook as a social network advertising platform. Overall this can mean lower prices all around for social media budgets.

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Twitter Launches Promoted Products API, Letting Marketers Buy Via Third-Party Tools


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Google Glass Will Have An API But Not Ads

1683ddddb27f219249be77f1dae80b38_cGoogle Glass is the project that will create a set of eyeglasses that display Google fed   information into the eyes of users. They will similar to apps that use a smartphone’s app to display information on top of a picture of the surroundings.

Today the head of the project announced that the eyewear will have an API, but will not come with advertising. That is good news for search engine optimization services because it makes the information seem more organic and more likely to be important to the viewer. A Facebook app plugging into the API would help the viewer see places recommended by friends, or placing receiving favorable marks from people checking in. It need not be limited to Facebook as Yelp and Foursquare could also benefit from these displays.

An example of the application could be a user walking down the street. Whenever a place comes into view that a viewer’s friend has checked into then the Google Glass will signal by displaying the review or the check in. The options are limitless and will help clue social media interactions into a more assertive mobile device and presence.


Google Glass Launch: Will Have An API, Won’t Have Ads


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Visual Becoming More and More Important


As if the Pinterest craze and revamped Facebook appearance did not already emphasize the need for a strong visual component in social media campaigns, there is new data that should push the trend. 45% of US consumers say they will purchase a new television within the year. More and more those televisions are going to be smart and connected to the internet. This increasing use of a non-traditional device to connect to social media will drive how ads are handled.

The social media agency needs to dust off the graphic making software and skillset. Hiring may need to be done or refresher courses on the newest software. The visual component of social advertising will become more important and the quality of what consumers expect will also increase. It is not just the proliferation of smart TVs driving this trend. As gaming consoles become more capable, then they are also connecting TVs. Blue Ray disc players are also often combined with an internet capability.


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Netflix Legislation Passes Through Senate

NetflixThe Netflix Legislation is a bill that amends the 1988 Video privacy protection Act, which made it illegal for a person’s video viewing habits to be shared. It was created after someone leaked the video rental history of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. The law had also been used to prevent sharing Netflix viewing records with Facebook. The law that recently passed through the Senate has already passed through the House of Representatives, so unless President Obama vetoes it, which is not expected, it will become law.

For the internet marketing agency this law will allow Facebook to accumulate more data about what people are viewing and how to best affect them. Knowing which movies and which genres a person prefers will help better target ads as well as create ads that are more effective. If, for example, someone has seen Die Hard five times, then an ad that references the movie will be more appealing to that person than to someone that has not seen the movie. While the Netflix data is not the comprehensive, every bit does help.

Senate Passes Netflix-Backed Revision Of Privacy Law, Paving Way For Facebook Sharing

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Facebook’s Sponsored Stories Has Suspicious Likes

New research about Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, the ads that say X likes Y, has found some disturbing news. The investigation began when deceased people were appearing in newsfeeds as endorsing certain Pages. That problem was the result of users not being memorialized on the social network. But further research has found that some people are being presented as endorsers of brands they have not endorsed. When asked for comment Facebook is able to identify the exact moment the like was made, which leads to a further issue: mistaken likes. The problem seems particularly acute on mobile devices with small screens and where accidental touches are more likely.

The problem for the digital marketing agency is about credibility. Fortunately, the brands with mistaken likes that are most likely to be covered are large and carry some polarizing image with them, for example Wal-Mart. A mistaken like for a smaller firm is less likely to be noticed and even then less likely to become an issue. However, it remains something important the digital marketing agency ought to remain aware of and try to keep from happening. An easy way to prevent it is to post often enough that someone who mistakenly liked a Page would receive status updates and could then take action to unlike the Page.

Facebook Sponsored Stories Can Harbor Suspicious Likes

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Mobile Display Ads Are Worthwhile

More and more firms are experimenting with mobile display advertising. 2012 ad spending is projected to hit $1.8 billion, which is triple the amount spent in 2011. Despite metrics about impressions, there are still many who question whether or not it is worth money. The digital marketing agency can ease client fears by pointing them to a new eMarketer survey of brands that have spent money on mobile display ads.

55% of those brands report positive findings on their ads. 26% found the spending to be inconsistent, which is not necessarily a negative. Only 4% of those respondents had a negative experience with the advertising.

The digital marketing agency also needs to work on developing better tracking. Mobile users are known to use multiple screens within a single purchase decision and a better way to track these users would help advertisers make ads more effective. Better tracking might also turn some of the inconsistent results into consistently positive results.

Mobile Display Proves Its Worth

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Facebook Makes Tracking Conversions Easier

The bane of the social media agency’s existence is convincing the skeptical client that social media can create conversions. FaceBook is now offering some advertisers an option that will make it easier to track conversions. This system will help demonstrate the value of social media as well as help the A/B testing to determine which ads are working better than others.

The system is fairly simple. Advertisers will receive a piece of code to be placed on conversion success pages. FaceBook will then collect that data and be able to pass it along to advertisers. The code can be optimized so each ad has a different code so the social media agency can see which ads are working better than others. Retailer Fab.com was a beta tester for this service and was able to reduce costs by 39%. With the system advertisers will be able to remove ineffective ads as well as change their bidding priorities.

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Skype To Create Social Advertising Options

Skype has announced that its new service for Windows 8 will come with social advertising options. The details have not yet been spelled out, but it is encouraging for the social media agency because these ads will offer an ability to talk to advertisers instead of just passively receiving information. It is a new format that may offer new levels of effectiveness.

The first type will be an interactive dialogue. An example is with a Toyota customer. The customer will be able to speak with a salesperson and they will be able to customize vehicles as they talk about it. This advertising unit seems like it will be effective but it does presume a level of familiarity with the product that may not increase the conversion rate over a non-use.

Another option is called Sponsored Content where a conversation between two people will call up relevant ads. A discussion about a vacation may call up lists of top vacation spots.

The final ad unit is a Permanent Persistent Presence. These are ads that will be often available and always available. When clicking on the ad, then it is up to the advertiser how to handle the call. It may open a line to a customer service helpdesk or it may bring up video ads of another sort.

If Skype can bring these ads without angering people by being too intrusive is a question. If it does work, then it does seem likely the social media agency will be able to capitalize on this. Because some of the ads presume a captive audience, then they may be very effective.

Skype Introduces Social Ad Units for Windows 8

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Foursquare Updates iOS App

Foursquare added the Explore function to its website a few months ago. It took all of the data from check ins andreviews and then began to serve up suggestions to users based on where friends go and what is highly rated. Today the service has announced a new change to how it offers recommendations to users on iOS devices. The service is now more location aware and will recommend places nearby that the user has not been to in a while or are places highly recommended by friends. This is part of a new trend of location aware apps that will offer only a few recommendations instead of offering a catalog of options nearby.

The social media agency needs to be on top of this. If a user consults Foursquare and is told to go back to a certain pizza place, then they are likely to do that. The social media agency needs to make sure its clients are well served on the service so they are likely to be made as the recommendation. There is not too much that can be done to gin up the rankings, but there are some commons sense approaches. Businesses need to be reminding customers to check in on the service. Businesses should also suggest only one check in service, too many options and the customer may not do any. Foursquare does offer specials and discounts, so the social media agency could run some promotions to encourage users to visit places and check in. that is probably the single best method to take. Maybe offer a deeper discount if people share their check in other social media services like FaceBook or Twitter.

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