Skype To Create Social Advertising Options

Skype has announced that its new service for Windows 8 will come with social advertising options. The details have not yet been spelled out, but it is encouraging for the social media agency because these ads will offer an ability to talk to advertisers instead of just passively receiving information. It is a new format that may offer new levels of effectiveness.

The first type will be an interactive dialogue. An example is with a Toyota customer. The customer will be able to speak with a salesperson and they will be able to customize vehicles as they talk about it. This advertising unit seems like it will be effective but it does presume a level of familiarity with the product that may not increase the conversion rate over a non-use.

Another option is called Sponsored Content where a conversation between two people will call up relevant ads. A discussion about a vacation may call up lists of top vacation spots.

The final ad unit is a Permanent Persistent Presence. These are ads that will be often available and always available. When clicking on the ad, then it is up to the advertiser how to handle the call. It may open a line to a customer service helpdesk or it may bring up video ads of another sort.

If Skype can bring these ads without angering people by being too intrusive is a question. If it does work, then it does seem likely the social media agency will be able to capitalize on this. Because some of the ads presume a captive audience, then they may be very effective.

Skype Introduces Social Ad Units for Windows 8

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