Holiday Emailing Tips

As we move into the holiday season it is also the time for the digital marketing companies to step up its email marketing programs. Social networks are great for ginning up the visibility of content, however, email is still an important place to reach out to people. These days more and more people are checking their email on their smartphones. This means emails need to be optimized to take advantage of this new development. Lynn Baus, the creative director at Responsys, has some suggestions for the digital marketing companies.

The first and easiest thing to do is scale the email for iOS devices. This is easily done with just a little code. The second thing to do is use the top of an email to pull in customers. Most mobile email clients show the first few words of an email, so the agency needs to use the first few words beyond the subject line as a way to get the user to open the email. Once opened, then the customer needs to see an email that targets holiday shopping needs. With these suggestions the holiday emails will be more effective and help boost conversions.

Mobile Email Marketing: Tips For The Holiday Season


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