Google Social Search Improved by Third party

Wajam is a new startup that has a browser extension, which improves Google’s social search. Google’s social search does not include Twitter or Facebook, so it is hampered by Google+’s newness and lack of enthusiasm among many users. Wajam’s browser extension is set to change that. It is not entirely new, but this week the interface was redesigned so it is now much more functional.

The new interface sets its social search results to the right of the results returned by the regular Google search. No longer does a user have to seek out Wajam’s search results and now the social searches results and Google’s regular results are set side-by-side. Wajam also serves the same function on yahoo and Bing searches as well as some other sites that allow searches even though they are not necessarily search engines (Yelp and EBay are two examples).

Wajam searches only that user’s feed. It does not crawl the other networks’ data, but only seeks permission from each individual user and then crawls that newsfeed. There is a potential problem where the networks have a limit on the free API calls an app can make. When that number is reached then Wajam will lose functionality or need to establish a commercial license.

The social media agency can use Wajam a few different ways. Wajam currently puts ads on the users screen. If the service takes off, then it will be a useful location to advertise. If Wajam needs to develop commercial agreements with services, then it will need and possibly be desperate for advertisers. The social media agency can also encourage customers to adopt the Wajam plug-in. Because a business might be well represented on Facebook or on twitter does not mean it is well represented on Google’s AdWords. Wajam might just be a way around this problem.

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