Google+ Now Open to Business

On Monday night Google+ launched Pages, the option for businesses and brands to be present on the nascent social network. In the meantime, Facebook has become the preeminent location for brands to make a public presence and push engagement with customers.

The Google+ user base is speculated to be around 40 million users, but that number has surely been stumped by the lack of full integration with brands of the sort Facebook has offered.

There are already many criticisms of Pages. Facebook offers brands several different options, whereas Google+ does not even offer administration access to a brand’s page. That level of customization will change as Google+ figures out what brands are looking for and what brands need. This is the first step in a complex environment. This change will surely help drive more traffic to Google+ even if it is slow going at first.

The internet marketing firm needs to make sure clients are represented on Google+. Even if the system is (currently) far from perfect it brings increased exposure with little cost. The other benefit of a Google+ presence is access to Google’s huge database of individual preferences. The conversations and engagements on Google+ will help inform Google searches and will also (eventually) be integrated to help AdSense users. Facebook’s integration with Bing is nice, but pales in comparison to the sort of data available for Google’s monetization abilities.


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  1. Jim says:

    Hey friend! It is amazing!

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