Google Builds Trusted Store program

Google unveiled its Trusted Store program and on Monday it was announced to have purchased KikScore, which offers a similar and more comprehensive service. The original KikScore service will function until June 28, when it will shutter its services and integrate into the Google system of store guaranteeing.

Trusted Store provides the customer with $1000 in purchase protection and also makes sure shipping and customer service issues are monitored. KikScore monitors customer service issues as well, but offers more comprehensive monitoring. KikScore made its money by charging businesses a $14.99 monthly fee. Google will provide the same service and remove the fee, using its massive bankroll to subsidize the service.

This is more good news for the social media agency. Referring clients to the program will help build trust with customers. KikScore did a good job, but it was limited in scope. If the icon did appear sometimes customers would not know what it meant. The fee may have also prevented some businesses from wanting to sign up. The new free service will not be better available and Google may find a way to integrate the service so customers are aware of it before they even visit the site.


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