Facebook Search Will Be As Good as Google

The speculation about a Facebook search engine is fairly settled that it will happen. The debate has moved on to what the search engine will look like. Pundits claim that FaceBook cannot produce a search engine that is better than Google’s, because the algorithm will always need tweaking and Facebook, if it has enough resolve, cannot hope to be better than Google’s system. The interesting argument, however, is that Facebook’s search does not need to outperform Google.

Facebook search can offer a different type of search than Google can provide. Google can provide a comprehensive list of auto mechanics in an area. But FaceBook can provide normative search results, good auto mechanics in an area. Facebook can compile data about services from among its hundreds of million users and then render those results in a way that helps users determine which businesses to visit.

This lack of normative searching is Google’s primary weakness. It may try to preempt the Facebook move by creating a good recommendation service, but Facebook’s open graph is already sitting on a wealth of data that Google cannot compile in a competitive amount of time. Facebook is just a huge database of people and their relationships to other people and brands. The digital marketing firm needs to represent these brands by encouraging more engagement so the Facebook Search engine will recommend clients over other brands.

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