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Getting in shape with technology

I am sure you have heard people say something along the lines of “technology is making us lazy”. That is not necessarily true, on the contrary, technology might have been giving us extra tools to motivate us to exercise and stay healthy, even if you don’t have a workout partner to keep you going.

Today we have different social networks that help us fulfill our exercise routines by keeping track of your workout schedule, levels of calories burned and most importantly it gives you that extra push you might need to achieve your goal.

by mariachily

by mariachily

If you are competitive, you might want download Fitocracy. This app gives you awards and prizes as you complete workout activities and provides challenges you can invite your friends to join. Some of us might be looking to lose that few extra pounds, right? In this case you should join Extra Pounds. This site is a free weight loss network. You will be able to read diet blogs, workout articles and tips. The most unique feature is the ability for you to plan and log your meals, letting you know exactly how much you should exercise to burn off the extra calories.

If you are interested in learning about other social networks and apps that will help you be in shape and stay healthy, click below. Now, you don’t have any excuses so start exercising!

8 Social Networks for Fitness Freaks

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Mobile ROI Calculator from Google

Google-SearchThese days, everything goes mobile – people, businesses and even Google. The year 2013 has been called already the year of mobile majority. The number of mobile devices is increasing and so does mobile advertising. Being world’s leader in mobile advertising, Google is a long-term thinker and is currently focusing on creating a full portfolio of metrics that would measure mobile advertising success. The new Google’s service called the Full Value of Mobile is developed to help businesses to analyze their mobile marketing effectiveness, both online and offline. As we know, Google has been playing with its AdWords program earlier this year. It was simplified in order to increase mobile advertising. However, companies had troubles to see a complete picture of how their mobile efforts influence their business.  That’s is why a need for the Full Value of Mobile service emerged.

For a local company, let’s say Michigan marketing agency, the launch of a new Google service predicts a brighter future. The Full Value of Mobile platform would give the opportunity to use features that Google has created outside of the AdWords service. Companies with limited financial resources for larger campaigns might benefit from Google’s mobile calculator and get a better sense of their mobile marketing effectiveness.

Google Launches “Full Value of Mobile” Calculator To Help Businesses Measure Online And Offline Impact of Mobile Marketing.


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The Return of Google Catalogs


Google Shopping has been touched up and part of the revamp is to reintroduce Google Catalogs to users. Along with the reintroduction, there is now an iOS and an Android based version of the app, so (most) all mobile devices can now access the service. The catalogs can also be updated to include videos and image galleries as well as links outside the service. Using all of these new and available services is important for brands because it will help its catalog stand out as well potentially earn a more prominent placement in the featured Catalogs section.

While not necessarily an advantage for the digital marketing agency, the ability to include web links will help the social networking function of the catalogs. There is also sure to be further Google+ integration with the new service. One of the new services is also to make a difference between a brand’s feed and also a brand’s catalog. One pundit has gone so far to say the feed is for SEO purposes and will help when within searching the service as well as outside the service. The catalog, then, is made for users who are browsing and looking at search returns. Keeping this distinction in mind will help the social media agency access the new features.

Photo Credit: FindYourSearch

How to Prepare Your Google Shopping Feed Shopping Feed for Google Catalogs

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Google Glass Will Have An API But Not Ads

1683ddddb27f219249be77f1dae80b38_cGoogle Glass is the project that will create a set of eyeglasses that display Google fed   information into the eyes of users. They will similar to apps that use a smartphone’s app to display information on top of a picture of the surroundings.

Today the head of the project announced that the eyewear will have an API, but will not come with advertising. That is good news for search engine optimization services because it makes the information seem more organic and more likely to be important to the viewer. A Facebook app plugging into the API would help the viewer see places recommended by friends, or placing receiving favorable marks from people checking in. It need not be limited to Facebook as Yelp and Foursquare could also benefit from these displays.

An example of the application could be a user walking down the street. Whenever a place comes into view that a viewer’s friend has checked into then the Google Glass will signal by displaying the review or the check in. The options are limitless and will help clue social media interactions into a more assertive mobile device and presence.


Google Glass Launch: Will Have An API, Won’t Have Ads


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Mobile Display Ads Are Worthwhile

More and more firms are experimenting with mobile display advertising. 2012 ad spending is projected to hit $1.8 billion, which is triple the amount spent in 2011. Despite metrics about impressions, there are still many who question whether or not it is worth money. The digital marketing agency can ease client fears by pointing them to a new eMarketer survey of brands that have spent money on mobile display ads.

55% of those brands report positive findings on their ads. 26% found the spending to be inconsistent, which is not necessarily a negative. Only 4% of those respondents had a negative experience with the advertising.

The digital marketing agency also needs to work on developing better tracking. Mobile users are known to use multiple screens within a single purchase decision and a better way to track these users would help advertisers make ads more effective. Better tracking might also turn some of the inconsistent results into consistently positive results.

Mobile Display Proves Its Worth

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Facebook Tests new Mobile Sponsored Stories Layout

In their Facebook mobile news feeds some users will be seeing a new type of ad format. Actually, the ad format remains the same and instead the layout is different. Most mobile users see a box containing suggestions for three brands they might like because some of their friends like those brands. A small number of users will now see a very large photo for a single brand and then a statement that some of their friends like the brand. The new ad layout is much more visual and reduces the number of brands form three down to one.

While the testing is still out, this is probably a good development for the education marketing company. Discussing this new ad layout, Facebook has acknowledged that mobile news feeds are interacted with differently than the right sidebar on the desktop version. Users want a more visual layout. There might be some concern about the drop in the number of brands, which will minimize exposure but that drop is going to be outperformed by the visual nature of the new layout. The drop in the number of suggested brands also makes the ad seem less intrusive into the news feed, as though it were one ad instead of three.

Facebook Gives New Mobile Page Ads More Color And Context To Make Every Pixel Count 


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Holiday Emailing Tips

As we move into the holiday season it is also the time for the digital marketing companies to step up its email marketing programs. Social networks are great for ginning up the visibility of content, however, email is still an important place to reach out to people. These days more and more people are checking their email on their smartphones. This means emails need to be optimized to take advantage of this new development. Lynn Baus, the creative director at Responsys, has some suggestions for the digital marketing companies.

The first and easiest thing to do is scale the email for iOS devices. This is easily done with just a little code. The second thing to do is use the top of an email to pull in customers. Most mobile email clients show the first few words of an email, so the agency needs to use the first few words beyond the subject line as a way to get the user to open the email. Once opened, then the customer needs to see an email that targets holiday shopping needs. With these suggestions the holiday emails will be more effective and help boost conversions.

Mobile Email Marketing: Tips For The Holiday Season


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Mobile Sales This Holiday Will Jump

A survey of customer intent for this coming holiday season shows that the numbers of people expecting to make purchases on their mobile devices will nearly double over last year’s number. The 2011 holiday season saw 11% of customers use mobile devices at least once. This year that number will move to 21%. However, that number is slightly misleading. That number measures customers making at least a single purchase on a mobile device. The percentage moves up to nearly half of all customers when what qualifies as use is broadened. This year many will use mobile phones to comparison shop. The devices will be used to look for deals nearby as well as to match up offers in stores to online vendors.

The social media agency needs to make sure its clients are also operating on the broader definition of what is a mobile sale. It used to be sufficient to have a mobile optimized web site that then allowed the viewer to make purchases. These days, the web site needs to be mobile optimized and it needs to have information. Education just like a showroom floor is now the order of the day for merchant’s websites. The content that powers these web sites is also the very type of content that becomes sharable across the social networks, so the good web site also provides a marketing component besides simply facilitating sales.

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Foursquare Updates Mobile App Again

Not too long ago Foursquare announced a new app for mobile devices. The app was streamlined and faster and now Foursquare is announcing that it has updated its app again to make it even faster and more streamlined. This app also introduces a couple of other new changes. There are now personalized search categories to make it easier for the user to find what she is most likely looking for. The new app also makes it easier to save places to lists as well as to see only previously visited places as well as places visited by friends. The new app is compatible with iOS 6 and is also optimized to take better advantage of the new iPhone 5.

In a world where Apple Maps has credibility issues for helping the user find businesses, this update will help users find businesses. The social media agency can see this as an opportunity to not only appeal to Foursquare users but also an opportunity to recruit new users into the social service. The updated app does not require any additional effort from the social media agency, but should increase the number of people that return to the service as well as the frequency they use the network. It is a valuable resource for the business as a way to attract customers.

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FaceBook Makes Advertising Easier

FaceBook has announced its new Pages app as well as few new changes with its advertising feature that should make things easier for the social media agency. Pages is an app now available for free for iOS systems. It allows an administrator of a page to make changes to a page from a mobile device on the go. Pictures can be taken, tagged and posted to the brand’s page immediately and on the fly. This should help the social media agency that has clients who cater to a time sensitive customer or industry.

FaceBook also announced a change to how Promoted Posts work. Promoted Posts are cheap ads that are seen by users who have liked a brand and by friends of those users. The ad unit has been shown to be ore effective for creating engagement. Promoted Posts are now available to brands with over 400 likes, making them more available to small businesses. They are unavailable to brands with over 100,000 likes to keep it among smaller brands.

It is also now possible for the brand to schedule the Promoted Post so a time series campaign can be created on the quick. This will be helpful if a brand is hosting a short duration sale. Promoted Posts can be sent in advance and then during.

All of these new developments will help the social media agency better deal with FaceBook Pages in a more time sensitive manner instead of requiring a large staff to constantly maintain vigil for when communications need to be made.

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