Releases API has been making moves lately to become the premier link shortener for the internet. The service has also changed its layout to become more social. Now users can friend other users to see what links they are shortening and where they are being posted. The new design has already logged millions of users and looks to become more important in the future. Now there is an API, which allows quick access to the data about which links are being shortened, and the sorts of traffic those shortened links are generating.

The social media agency can use this API to better keep track of what is going viral and possibly use it as a way to spot a trend early in the making. One of the benefits of the API is the realtime tracking. Not only is data delivered nearly instantaneously but it is in a format that can be quickly parsed for immediate results. The new API also delivers “burst spikes” which are those sudden interests that were not expected. This is the best new feature for the michigan social media marketing firm. Now there is a way to see what is happening without having to know keywords prior to finding the data. This allows better discovery for the brand that is concerned with timeliness issues. Releases Search API To Discover Hot Stories & Discussions



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