Apple and Foursquare Talking About Sharing Data

foursquare-rolls-out-first-ads-e2ad2a5185In an effort to improve its local search offerings Apple has approached Foursquare about sharing its data. The talks are still very preliminary. Apple has been approaching several companies that offer data about local businesses and how users are at checking in and providing crowdsourced data.

If Apple is able to improve its database about local businesses, then this will helps its mapping app. The Maps app was released and widely hailed as a blunder because of missing businesses and inaccuracies in the map itself.

For the education marketing company this might actually help improve Foursquare as a social space. A study in Q1 this year found Foursquare to have the weakest data offerings for users. The money Apple would need to give Foursquare for access to the data would help the service regain a foot hold in its losing slugfest with Yelp. An improved service would help those agencies integrate Foursquare with other social networks as well as improve the advertising on the service.

Report: Apple Talking To Foursquare About “Data Sharing”


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