Twitter Mobile Revenue Outpaces Desktop Revenue

In February Twitter rolled out Promoted Tweets into iPhone and Android mobile apps. Brands pay Twitter for placement of a tweet into user’s timeline based upon algorithms of the user and whom a user follows. Twitter then collects additional money if the tweet is used as a platform to launch a link. Within the last few weeks Twitter had their first day where their revenue from mobile ads exceeded the revenue form desktop ads. This comes as FaceBook is still trying t figure out and develop a platform to capture mobile revenue.

Industry insiders say this development is not a surprise because Twitter has always been a mobile app. Six months ago 55% of its users were accessing Twitter from a mobile device, but that number now stands at 60%. Its main ad offering, the Promoted Tweet, was easy to scale and repurpose for mobile devices.

If the social media agency has clients that specialize or need to specialize to customers on mobile devices, then Twitter is an ideal platform for advertising. Twitter’s power users, the ones most likely to engage, are active on mobile devices. The mobile users average 114 minutes a month on and Twitter API apps, compared to 21 minutes by the desktop users. One caveat, however, is that third party mobile apps are not serving up ads from Twitter. Those ads are served by different ad servers, like 140Proof, and vary depending upon the app developer.


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