Third Party Apps Riding the Facebook Wave

425 million mobile users use Facebook and what is really astounding about that number is the millions of those users Facebook sends to third party mobile apps each month. Facebook claims 60 million people each month are sent to other mobile apps through Facebook. These apps are integrated into Facebook’s open graph which allows the behemoth social network to accumulate data even when those users are not actively on the Facebook network.

The increased data in the open graph can help the digital agency by improving advertising targeting. Because many of those integrated apps also provide advertising to the user, the digital agency can benefit a second way when users log onto one of these apps via their Facebook account.

The lesson to be involved in mobile advertising was already well-worn advice. The digital marketing agency should, however, prioritize those apps that are integrated with Facebook’s open graph. If a restaurant wants to take up mobile advertising, it should evaluate not only an ad server’s price but also see which apps it has partnered with and give some preference to apps that have Facebook integration.

Facebook is working to help build a platform to make it easier to build mobile apps. Even after this platform is built it is important to advertise with a server that is on one of these integrated apps. Until Facebook integrates advertising into its own mobile devices, advertising with an integrated app is a lucrative alternative.

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