Mobile Searching Is Not The Panacea It Was Thought To Be

On a desktop it is known that most inquiries begin with a search engine. When reaching out to desktop customers, the social media agency needs to be working with search. Mobile queries, however, are more app dependent and search is not as important. Mobile searching is much more industry specific. Mobile searches for food and restaurants lead the industry with an 85% chance that the search results in a purchase. The other two tested industries are travel and automotive and those conversion rates drop precipitously.

Auto searches (both repair and purchases) produce sales 51% of the time and travel searches only convert 46% of the time. This makes sense as the mobile user looking for restaurants is already out and wants to spend money while out. Auto repair also makes sense to have a high conversion rate, whereas auto purchases does not seem to favor the mobile searcher at all.

The lesson for the digital marketing firm is about industry specific information. The agency needs to avoid thinking that mobile search spending is always productive. The data also demonstrates the importance for locally relevant data. Making sure the mobile ad spending is relevant it is helpful to join into an aggregating app, one that collects information about vendors in an industry and then allows searching within the app. Again this type of app is not as productive for all industries across the board, but it helps the user know which brands are playing like a main name in the industry.

Mobile searching is clearly important and growing. But the enthusiasm surrounding it needs to be tempered somewhat as not all mobile efforts are created equally.

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