Mobile Ads on Google Maps Earn Updates

To make the ads on Google Maps amore appealing to users on smartphones, Google is revamping how they work. The most notable change is to increase the calls to action such as “get directions” and “click to call”. Maps is also introducing anew function called “hyperlocal marker” which will display the distance from the user’s current location to the business’ location.

Another major change is what happens when a user clicks on an ad. The user is taken to a framed version of the advertiser’s web site. It is framed so the user can easily return to maps. This is great for advertisers because now users can get to the website with fewer clicks. This is particularly important for users on mobile devices who are dealing with limited bandwidth and slower speeds than broadband on PCs.

As Maps becomes more and more a two-click experience this will help the social media agency. Mobile users do not want many clicks and anything that can be done to reduce that number helps advertisers.

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