Google+ Launches Its Enterprise Service

Over the months Google+ has been expanding its offerings. While it is still one of the small big social networks, its latest release is an attempt to capture a segment of the market that other social networks are not very involved within: the enterprise setting. Google+ now offers video integration with other Google products like Gmail, Calendar and Documents. Google+ is also offering a restricted sharing function to help productivity as well as some more administrative controls. The announcement comes with a timeline as well, the new services are free for use until the end of 2013.

If the social media agency uses Google+ as a collaborative tool, then this announcement will help it internally. This new tool will also help marketers. While Google+ is still without advertising, there is some small advertising function to Gmail. The big boost for the social media agency, however, comes on the back end. More integration with Google further improves its data about users and corporations. Even if specific user data is lost behind the enterprise wall, there are still associations that Google can measure and collect. This move also makes it more likely to increase the size of Google+ active users, as workers forced to use it at work are also more likely to use it for personal sharing and consumption.


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