Foursquare Updates Itself Again

Only a few months after the latest Foursquare update, it has happened again. It is not as large an update as the previous one was. There are some functionality issues, but the main thing users will notice is an updated appearance. Photos are now given a central importance in the Friends and Explore functions.

One addition that will help the social media agency is the heart button. That button now allows users to like events, or locations or people. The best function for businesses, however, is the change to Explore. The app will now account for time of day, day of the week, weather forecasts, location and friends’ activity. The example offered up by Foursquare is that the app will now know a Saturday morning use of Explore is probably someone looking for a brunch spot.

There is still speculation about a merchant’s platform allowing businesses to purchase promoted ads in Foursquare. None of those services made its way into this update, but there will probably be some in the future.

Foursquare’s update was mainly focused for the new user. These people will now see more suggestions, as previous versions were good about serving suggestions based on friend’s preferences. The new update will also help people make new friends and find their friends on the app increasing the social component of the app.

Foursquare continues to improve its service, which makes a brand’s presence there increasingly important. It is also a necessary step for the service to be better if its merchant services are to be seen as a wise investment.


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