FaceBook Makes Advertising Easier

FaceBook has announced its new Pages app as well as few new changes with its advertising feature that should make things easier for the social media agency. Pages is an app now available for free for iOS systems. It allows an administrator of a page to make changes to a page from a mobile device on the go. Pictures can be taken, tagged and posted to the brand’s page immediately and on the fly. This should help the social media agency that has clients who cater to a time sensitive customer or industry.

FaceBook also announced a change to how Promoted Posts work. Promoted Posts are cheap ads that are seen by users who have liked a brand and by friends of those users. The ad unit has been shown to be ore effective for creating engagement. Promoted Posts are now available to brands with over 400 likes, making them more available to small businesses. They are unavailable to brands with over 100,000 likes to keep it among smaller brands.

It is also now possible for the brand to schedule the Promoted Post so a time series campaign can be created on the quick. This will be helpful if a brand is hosting a short duration sale. Promoted Posts can be sent in advance and then during.

All of these new developments will help the social media agency better deal with FaceBook Pages in a more time sensitive manner instead of requiring a large staff to constantly maintain vigil for when communications need to be made.

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